My favorite florists of the sixteenth


Succulents at Gilles Pothier
Succulents at Gilles Pothier
Stunning pots arrangement at Gilles Pothier
Stunning potted plant arrangement at Gilles Pothier



Gilles Pothier
Gilles Pothier


Claude Quinquaud


Urn and roses at Claude Quinquaud
Urn and roses at Claude Quinquaud


Draping greenery at Claude Quinquaud
Draping greenery at Claude Quinquaud

Spring in Paris!  Since moving to Paris, I have had to adapt to apartment living after having a house and garden for many years.  And I love it!  No leaves to rake, no snowy driveways to shovel, and no grass to mow.  This spring, however, I have the itch to tinker in a garden and watch things grow. I think this had made me more attuned to all the amazing florists and greenery in the sixteenth.  There is a  florist on  practically on every block.  I love seeing fresh flowers around every corner and their abundance  cheers up what could other wise be a grey city.    Like with anything,  though, some florists are truly superior.  I go out of my way to walk past their window fronts and linger and drool as if I was looking at pastry.   Two florists have made my favorites list,  but I find Gilles Pothier “top.”  The arrangements are simply stunning.  Modern, elegant, but not fussy.  And I love the fact that they go beyond fresh cut flowers.  I am always attracted to their plant arrangements because they will last!  It is obvious why Gilles Pothier is a Meilleur Ouvrier de France* and Champion du Monde Interflora.  I dare you to walk by and not want to take something home.  It is easy to imagine their flowers gracing the poshest restaurants and hotel.  The second mention is Claude Quinquaud. Quite simply I am in love with the gorgeous urns that flank the doorway and I have been itching to take photos.  Take advantage of your next walk and stroll by while the roses are in bloom.  It is like a little rose garden, right on the street corner.
Gilles Pothier, 97 Avenue Raymond Poincaré, 75116 Paris;  Claude Quinquaud, 15 Rue de Chaillot, 75116 Paris

If you have a favorite in the neighborhood that compares, please let me know.  I will have to add it to my walking route!

*The title of Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (shortened to MOF) is a unique and prestigious award in France according to category of trades in a contest among professionals (from wiki).   I really love this idea, and if the the good ole USA has something similar, I am not aware of it.   Look for the MOF’s in your own neighborhood… it is worth it!





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