Farther afoot: Villa Verganti Veronesi

Villa Verganti Veronesi
Villa Verganti Veronesi


Villa Verganti Veronesi  - our room
Villa Verganti Veronesi – our room


Villa Verganti Veronesi  - the lawn with a special guest Brando
Villa Verganti Veronesi – the lawn with a special guest



Villa Verganti Veronesi - the terrace
Villa Verganti Veronesi – the terrace


Villa Verganti Veronesi - garden from the baclony, dining al fresco
Villa Verganti Veronesi – garden from the baclony
Villa Verganti Veronesi - yummy croissants for breakfast
Villa Verganti Veronesi – yummy croissants for breakfast
Villa Verganti Veronesi
Villa Verganti Veronesi


I love it when a late breaking plan comes together, don’t you?  Last week, my husband and I drove to the Lake Garda region of Italy.  A very, very long drive.  There is a lot I can say about the region, and eventually some photos may make it to the blog, but on our drive back home something else unexpectedly caught my fancy: Villa Verganti Veronesi.  The villa is a lovely early 19th century Italian home turned hotel, about 20 miles to the west of Milan.  Best of all – we happened upon it with a bit of luck and a little research.   At the last-minute, we decided to put in a few hours on the road Sunday evening, rather than depart Lake Garda Monday morning.  My Sunday morning task was to get on the internet and find a hotel that allowed dogs.  My second goal – I wanted AC! After 3 days of sweating it out, I had zero interest in roughing it!!  After a bit of research, I found a place that looked quaint, met the criteria above, and was affordable.  The pictures on Expedia.com looked nice – but I reserved comment knowing how pictures highlight the best and generally neglect the worst.  I figured for one night – it looks decent, we’ll see what happens.

Sunday evening, after enduring horrendous weekend traffic around Milan, we neared our destination.  The street didn’t look promising, and because I am notoriously bad at directions, I started to doubt we were in the right place.  The street appeared too out-of-the-way and the neighborhood too industrial.  My heart started to sink and I rechecked the directions.  We were in the right area.  We double back just as a car pulls out of the private-looking driveway.  Reassured, we drove in the gate and lo and behold, we were greeted by the most graciously proportioned, cheerfully painted, welcoming, bright yellow Italian villa.  We breathed a sigh of relief.  It looked promising.  We drove around to the side of the villa and parked the car –  an expansive manicured garden spanned out behind the villa.  Then, we rounded the corner to a beautiful terrace where people were enjoying pizza by candlelight as the sun set.  The pleasant staff was on hand to greet us and get us settled.    As we are led to our room, our eyes were like saucers.   The whole mansion has been expertly remodeled/refurbished/face-lifted and decorated like I would like to have my own house.  Old and new artwork adorned every wall.  The door opened to our spacious room: a perfectly polished tile floor, a huge antique bed, a sparkly chandelier, and a clean, modern bathroom.  We were in heaven.  And then, the cherry on top,  the manager kindly put us a room with a balcony that overlooked the garden so that our dog could look out!  Well, we were in heaven and didn’t want to leave after just one night.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves, but we were truly enthralled.  It was a perfect ending to our trip.  If you find yourself driving through Italy (or need a spot to rest outside Milan near the Malpensa airport) stop here!  I totally recommend it!  A real gem.


P.S.  I only saw the website after our stay, so it was a surprise to me!  Also, although AC was a requirement, it was cool enough that we didn’t need it, so I didn’t get to test it out.   The hotel has been open since November and I think they are still working out some minor kinks – but overall – an A for style, effort, and comfort.

P.P.S.  For all those who haven’t seen him before – that little creature in several of my photos is Brando, my adorable Italian greyhound.  (Find him on Instagram @Brandotheiggy or Facebook Brando IG)

2 thoughts on “Farther afoot: Villa Verganti Veronesi

  1. looks just lovely. how long where you there? how did you find the place?

    1. Just one night.. Found it through Expedia

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