Twelve metro stops to a different world – a field trip



Saravana Bhavan
Saravana Bhavan




One thing I love about the city is being transported to another world in a matter of minutes. This week I went from Paris to India, all for the price of a metro ticket, no jet lag, and no lost luggage. Gone were the boulangeries, the creperies, the Zara’s, and the Gaps. Instead I was welcomed with saris, bangles, fruits I couldn’t name, and the smell of curry wafting down the street. If you are craving a change of pace and some good Indian food – La Chapelle is the area to find it. I shared a lovely vegetarian lunch with some friends at Saravana Bhavan ( followed by grocery shopping at a local market. It was seriously another world – fruit from Sri Lanka, the Dominican Republic, and India to name a few! It was a feast for the senses. I mean, where in the Wilson Market am I going to find banana blossoms to cook??

If you feel like you need a guide or some guidance, check out this article from the New York Times:

If you are like me – I was overwhelmed by the variety of ingredients. I ended up with mangustan (delicious Sri Lankan fruit with reported great health benefits), amazing smelling fresh curry leaves, plus a few other goodies. And what to do with the banana blossoms you bought on an impulse?? Check this out:


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