Fashion on Parade – Paris Fashion Week – Ready to Wear Fall Winter 2015/2016

Red, white and black

Red, white and black

Red, white and black

Red, white and black

Fashion is a parade and this couldn’t be more evident than Paris Fashion Week.  This weekend, I have been hanging out on the the fringes of Paris Fashion Week, taking pictures of and participating in the circus of people posing, strutting, begging for attention.  I really love the street fashion, the energy, and the camaraderie of those out there enjoying fashion during these sunny March days.  Were people begging for attention? Yes.  Were some of the outfits unwearable? Yes, at least for me.  But I soaked up all the pageantry.  And, I may have used up my fifteen minutes of fame…dragging along my little Brando, who quickly became a subject of photographs himself.  The star moment was when a designer Natasha Zinko ( (top collage, right) asked if she could pose with B.  So fun!  I can see why the fashionistas dress up – the attention can be a bit intoxicating.   The girl in the cape (bottom collage bottom left) is taking a picture of B as I take a picture of her.  Here is a small collection of things that caught my eye over the weekend.  More to follow as I sift through and take more photographs over the coming week!


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