Big decisions and warm apple cake

Fruit from Wilson market.



French apple cake (recipe courtesy of David Lebovitz and honey from Wilson market.



I wouldn’t saying I am avoiding big decisions, but I will say I am practicing a little meditative procrastination.  The next few months will bring many big changes – and it is stressing me out a little bit.  My husband has an assignment to leave Paris, one son is graduating from high school in June, and the younger son wants to remain in Paris to finish out his high school years.   I want someone to tell me what to do and how it will turn out six months from now.  If anyone has a crystal ball, let me know.  I will pay top dollar.  So, what to do instead?  Play with food.   Baking provided a welcome distraction from the big questions.  Focusing on a more tangible and yummy task didn’t lead to a grand ‘aha’ moment but it did give my mind a short break from the chatter.  Not to mention, having warm apple cake and a cup of coffee isn’t a bad way to mull over life’s big issues.

1 thought on “Big decisions and warm apple cake

  1. How can we help? We expect payment in warm apple cake.

    Dad & Linda

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