Macaroons the American way, comfort and coconut

Coconut dark chocolate macaroons



I get the macaroons on a plate to take a picture and some teen was already grabbing one.



And one for me. I need it.


Today I am making macaroons, of the American coconut variety, for my older son who graduates high school in two months.  I have been telling everyone around me I won’t be one of those parents crying at the graduation ceremony; instead you may find me doing cartwheels across the football field.  But the closer we get, the more weepy I feel.   I see a Facebook post about Senior year coming to a close or a reminder about caps and gowns and the tears start flowing.   I might not be able to wear mascara for the next two months.

Yesterday, I saw a video someone posted on Facebook of seals being released into the sea.  And I cried.  Those little guys awkwardly flopping/hopping across the sand to somehow miraculously dive smoothly into the ocean.   They were hit by a few waves but kept going until they hit their stride.  Isn’t that just how our young adults are?  Awkwardly flopping towards adulthood and as much as we want to help them and push them along their way, they will find their stride all on their own.  Setbacks will come, waves will hit them, but they will swim merrily into adulthood whether we are ready or not.

If this batch of macaroons is a bit salty today, sorry.  I think I shed an extra tear or two making them.


* recipe from David Lebovitz

Chocolate cake cure-all


     It is Saturday as I write this and I just realized that on Tuesday I have book group and I have not even started the book.  We are reading Still Alice (about an accomplished professor diagnosed with Alzheimer’s)- so on the bright side, I can say I read it, but can’t remember anything, and hopefully garner some sympathy.
     Speaking of forgetting – it is a very very good thing to sometimes have a bad (or selective) memory.  It can make life a bit easier.  It works great when you need to forget about the moped driver who almost ran you over or the diet you are supposed to be on – not so great when you have to go to the store to pick up the cocoa powder you forgot, twice.  Which brings me to chocolate cake, that also makes life easier.
     Today is baking therapy and everything seems right in the world if you have a homemade chocolate cake in front of you and some appreciative teenagers to share it with.  My recipe is from the “Add A Pinch’ website, and I have to agree, if it is not the best, it sure is up there.
     P.S.  I ate that whole piece of cake right after I took the picture.  What diet??  I don’t remember any diet?!