Home is warm chocolate chip cookies

The best chocolate chip cookie.
The best chocolate chip cookie.

I have been slowly, slowly saying goodbye to Paris and warming to life in Stockholm.  (Note I can’t bring myself to write a goodbye to Paris post yet…)  And even though our household goods have arrived and are mostly unpacked, our place still feels a bit new and unfamiliar. So how do you make a house a home?  I am not quite sure there is a quick answer to that, but as soon as I started baking, something clicked.  And I baked with a vengeance.  When the first batch of chocolate chip cookies were in the oven and the aroma started wafting through the house – I knew everything was going to be okay.  I did get a little sad one son isn’t in Stockholm with us to enjoy the cookies, but I also realized this is home, new memories will be made, new friends will come over, and we will build a life here!  Deep breath – moving is hard, but it will be okay.  And when it isn’t, eat chocolate chip cookies to get you through the rough patches.

Let me just say – these chocolate chip cookies are so good that I prefer to eat them alone in perfect peace so that I can savor every bite without interruption.  I am not sure I can even give away the recipe, you’ll just have to come to Stockholm and I promise to make them for you.  (By the way, I have gone through 3 pounds of chocolate chips in two weeks  – they are that good.)

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