Watering my garden on a cold wintery night in the middle of Stockholm

20151121_174258-01.jpegHere’s what I know…I know so very little.  Despite being an intelligent being, I overate on Thanksgiving, then did it again the next day with leftovers. I gave thanks, but not nearly enough.  I went shopping and bought things, knowing they weren’t essential and they wouldn’t make me happier.  I searched for things outside myself to bring happiness: the extra glass of wine, the extra piece of pie, you get the picture.  Ahh, the problem of being human, knowing better and doing the opposite anyway. And then dwelling on it!  Time to turn off the broken record, or at least change the tune.

I spent time with family from near and far, slept in late, read, played with my cousin’s baby for the first time, met another warm and wonderful family, heard a story about my grandfather, aunt, and uncle that made me laugh and also brought tears to my eyes.  I looked out the window -some days sunny, some days windy and rainy- watched life move by across a spectacular field and thought about things.

Now back at home, back to my normal.  I watered my little indoor garden talking to and encouraging the little show-offs.  I am picking out some recipes and getting ready to bake.  I will probably catch up on some episodes of my favorite TV shows .  I am settling back into the routine that comforts me, regrouping and recharging before the holiday mayhem.  Won’t say I won’t ever make the same “mistakes” but heck, they aren’t the only thing to dwell on.

5 thoughts on “Watering my garden on a cold wintery night in the middle of Stockholm

  1. Great Post, lovely picture

  2. I like your little garden – everyone looks very healthy.

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