Magnifying Mirror Woes

Fog collage 2

Don’t look too closely in the magnifying mirror!
During my recent travels – I learned a very important life lesson in well-being- DO NOT, whatever you do, use the hotel magnifying mirror.  And if you have one at home that you like to use – you are a stronger person than me!  That tricky little mirror, attached to the larger bathroom mirror – is not my friend.  I have lived my many years without one of those things, and certainly no good came of spending a week alone in a hotel with that magnifier staring at me every time I went to brush my teeth.  I realized I look much much better from a distance, perhaps with sunglasses on, when you are squinting in just the right light.  Contemplating every pore , blemish, and stray hair is not for the faint of heart.  I quickly learned to avert my eyes and only glance at the dimly lit mirror on the closet door.  I looked a heck of a lot better when I wasn’t staring myself in the face, up close and personal.  From the normal mirror – I could consider myself, if not decent, at least not a freakish.

Which brings me to this week.  I was washing the dishes on Sunday.  Washing the dishes happens to be my favorite, meditative household chore.  I like standing at the sink and letting my mind wander.  Washing and mind wandering, I was really trying to think of what I am good at, my strengths – and then it occurred to me – I am great at navel-gazing.  (I just looked up the definition of navel gazing: “self-indulgent or excessive contemplation of oneself or a single issue, at the expense of a wider view.”  Yup, that’s me!)  But really, is it good to be good at that?? Just like the magnifying mirror – every thing looks so harsh from up close.  It is easy to focus on the small things and forget the big picture.  As much as I like to have something I am good at – I may have to give that one up.  So I am going to give up the navel gazing skill and take to heart the lesson I learned about the magnifying mirror – DO NOT be tempted to use it!  Better to take the the long view.  And if there is a bit of fog and mist, so much the better.  And pro tip #1: if you are using a camera, choose the softening/blur filter!  Used wisely – it is a great great friend.

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