Be the Rainbow. Be a hero.


I’ll admit, when I made these little ice cream sandwiches for a party I had last week, I didn’t give them much thought. Much to my surprise, these semi-homemade treats were an instant hit — even more than the homemade lemon squares and mini brownie muffins I labored over. Why — because they are little bites of happiness.

So, I was thinking to do a silly little blog post on how you can be the hero by handing these out at your next get together. And I still recommend that. But then Orlando happened. And I have been crying. And I have been thinking I don’t have much to add to the dialogue. And then I reached into my freezer and grabbed another rainbow ice cream sandwich and I thought again.

Even if I have nothing new or unique to add, I can repeat what is worth repeating. Love is love. Gunning down people in a night-club is a horror beyond words. I am so sorry for the families of the victims and I am so sorry for our country. And today and hopefully all days to follow, I will work on spreading happiness. Whether it be through telling people I love them, smiling at a stranger, supporting someone in need — even if I don’t know them, even if they are different than me, or handing out an ice-cream sandwich. Come on folks, we can do this.

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