Older Wiser Better Stronger…and Motivated


IT IS ON!! This is the day that I am getting my HUSTLE ON! Not tomorrow, not next week, but TODAY!!

Sometimes when I read an inspiring quote, I write it down on a little slip of paper. Miraculously, those little slips of paper turn up just when I need them the most and the other day I got the little jolt I needed:

“The dream is free. The hustle is sold separately” (Unknown)

Now ain’t that the truth. I am a dreamer and for a long time, dreaming was where it ended: dreams of starting my own business, dreams of planning for retirement, dreams of financial security, dreams of being released from a day job, dreams of writing a book, dreams of working for myself.

And yet dreaming is not the same as doing. Dreaming is not the same as making a plan. Dreaming is not the same as putting yourself out there and risking rejection. As they say: “A dream without a plan is just a wish.” I’m all for dreaming and wishing but now I am planning, too.

So it starts — I am going to make something happen. And this isn’t just about money –this is about trying new things, about having no fear, of making things work, getting out of the comfort zone, figuring things out.

Many things inspire me: my friends, artists, other writers. However, the other day I was inspired unexpectedly: I found out my young nephew, who is in his early teens, decided to start a photography business. He has a website, he is approaching companies, and he is putting some money in his pocket. No Fear! So I have been telling my son he also needs to get out there and hustle. Very rarely do you get handed things on a golden platter. And, in my humble opinion, usually if someone is giving you something for free or easy, it probably isn’t really what you wanted anyway. You have TO GO OUT THERE AND GET WHAT YOU WANT. You have to want it and you have to chase it.

So — why at 45 am I going to get out there? Because I can’t NOT do it! And I want to support all of you in your scary/exciting endeavors!!! Let’s do this together. Another wise quote: “The best kinds of friendships are fierce lady friendships where you aggressively believe in each other, defend each other, and think the other deserves the world.” YOU DESERVE THIS! You deserve the world.

So — I am putting my money where my mouth and have made a list of the things I like doing and I think I have a unique view or ability: Taking pictures, writing, baking the BEST chocolate chip cookies and making amazing granola and granola bars. But I am taking it one step farther than a list. I am also working out how to offer these services. I have four photo sessions signed up this weekend so I can build my portfolio. I am figuring out out to package and sell baked goods. And I will work on a website.  As I said, it is scary. I run the risk of rejection. People may not like what I have to offer. But heck — if I don’t offer it they will never know right?

Let me know what you are working on!! I am so excited — let’s do this together!




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