*Just the recipes -for the most part.

These recipes are tried by me.  They are recipes I like enough to share or other people like them enough to ask me to share them. I am not trying to churn out recipes to feed the blog.  I am sharing recipes because I love good food and I love sharing food with people. Also, although I do not eat a plant-based diet, my significant other does, so I try to make food we both love and that I can share with friends.  So you will find all types of recipes, but I tend towards plant-based. I love baked goods and so does he, so I am also on a quest to make great desserts he can enjoy and the butter lover in me doesn’t want to throw in the trash. Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose.

Also – I can’t be doing pictures right now. If you want to know what a carrot cakes looks like, google it. That is what a cake looks like 🙂  Also – my commentary will tend towards the practical. I detest scrolling through pages of commentary to read the ingredient list. I just don’t have the energy for cute anecdotes – you feel me?  If you have a question or comment, I would love to hear from you.

Vegan Carrot Cake – Super Easy and Delicious

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